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It's nice out here!

2014-07-16 18:36:24 by JohnnyTheVSantos

It's really nice to see that people like my reviews since that's the only interactive activity I plan on having here at Newgrounds!

This is such a nice community!


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2015-05-29 06:05:50

Nice to see another guy from Portugal here.

JohnnyTheVSantos responds:

So it is!
Ora viva, amigo!


2015-06-07 10:53:44

Stop by the Forums sometime if you're ever in the mood to talk to other folk here.

JohnnyTheVSantos responds:

Forums? What forums?


2015-06-07 11:11:14

That little orange tab up there that says Community, hover over it and you'll see Forums.

JohnnyTheVSantos responds:

Oh, I see!
Which forum are you on?


2015-06-07 11:36:34

Pretty much all of them except the Politics one.

JohnnyTheVSantos responds:

Alright, then!
I'll check them out later!
Right now I have to study for the exams...